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Established in 1943

Power People, People Power

The United Utility Workers’ Association (UUWA) began in 1943 as the Calgary Power Employees Association. In 1982 it became the TransAlta Employees’ Association and evolved into the UUWA in 2000.

The UUWA is a collective of employees who work for various employers in the energy sector. The Association has been given legal authority by the Alberta Labour Relations Board to represent these employees. Approximately 1,400 members, such as Power Line Technicians, Designers, Administrators, Meter Readers, Technicians and Receptionists, are currently represented under various Collective Agreements.

The Association has a Board of Directors which consists of Presidents and Directors elected from each employee group; and, a CEO and Secretary-Treasurer elected from that Board. Your direct workplace representative is a Unit Coordinator (UC) or Job Discipline Representative (JDR). Collectively the Board and UCs provide the Association direction.